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One of the keys to achieving beauty, self-confidence, and happiness is to have a beautiful smile and a flawless set of teeth. iDENTity Dental Studio can assist if you’ve been hiding damaged teeth, or still feel self-conscious about your smile. One of Lexington, KY’s most well-known Prosthodontist and cosmetic dentists, Dr. Brandon Stapleton, has spent nearly 10 years assisting individuals in achieving an ideal smile. Our cosmetic dentistry clinic combines advanced technology with a remarkable level of skill, artistry, and technique to hide imperfections and achieve cosmetic perfection.

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Few people are aware of how quick and inexpensive a smile makeover operation is. In many cases, we can repair a patient’s smile and produce amazing results in just one office visit. Making an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Stapleton is the first step in any smile makeover process. Along with employing cutting-edge imaging equipment to assess your dental health, our restoration dentist will talk with you about your unique smile goals and design a special smile makeover strategy that considers delicate aesthetic elements like facial symmetry, lip line, gum line, and bone structure. Our cosmetic dentistry office has been assisting patients in achieving naturally beautiful smiles – that precisely complement distinct oral and facial traits – for nearly a decade, right here in Lexington, KY.

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