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Welcome To iDENTity Dental Studio!

Thank you for choosing iDENTity Dental Studio. Our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive dental care available. An important part of the mission is making the cost of optimal care as easy and manageable for our patients as possible by offering several payment options. Payment for treatment is due at the time of service.


What To Expect From Your First Visit

There are many ways to be seen at iDENTity Dental Studio, our preferred method is for a detailed comprehensive evaluation where all necessary records are obtained to provide a customized comprehensive treatment plan. This is offered at an all inclusive price to alleviate any anxiety that may come with numerous diagnostic procedures, which are vital to our comprehensive plan. Once all data are gathered and Dr. Stapleton has reviewed everything, you will return for a complementary follow up appointment where your options will be reviewed in detail.

Alternative ways of being seen include a consultation or a limited evaluation addressing a very specific problem.



This is a 30-minutes appointment with our treatment coordinator and Dr. Stapleton. We require a recent Panoramic radiograph for this visit. We will take one at the beginning of your visit.


Limited Evaluation

This is a 45 – minute appointment with Dr. Stapleton and our Clinical Team. A recent radiograph is required to properly assess your needs. If you do not have one, we will obtain one at the beginning of your visit. Once an evaluation has been made, you will be presented options to best resolve your needs. There are often times that we may invite you to complete our comprehensive evaluation. This depends on our initial evaluation together and your overall needs. Your health and optimal outcomes are our priority and sometimes a limited evaluation does not capture the full scope. Don’t worry, we will guide you through that entire process!


Comprehensive Evaluation

This is a 1 – 1.5 hour appointment with Dr. Stapleton and our Clinical Team. During this time, detailed information will be obtained and reviewed. A customized plan will be put together for you to take the time to review in detail. The more complex your needs, the more steps we may have to take together. Rest assured, there is a set fee for this service to help keep your costs to a minimum while providing you with optimal options for your smile.

Regardless of how you become a patient at iDENTity Dental Studio, you will know the fees for every step along the process before work is completed. You will never receive a “surprise” bill from us and financial arrangements are always made before any work is initiated. If there are changes along the way, we alert you as soon as possible and are flexible as your needs change. Your smile is our priority and you are at the center of treatment from beginning to end!

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What You’ll Need

  • Your Referral Slip
  • Current X-rays
  •  A list of medications you’re currently taking and a history of other medications that you’re no longer taking
  • If you have medical or dental insurance, please bring your ID card with you to your initial appointment so we may process any claims in a timely manner.
  • *While we are out of network with all insurance companies, we do file on your behalf.

Traveling Patients