Dental Anxiety - Lexington, KY

Don’t Let Anxiety
Control Your Dental Health

dental implant patient receiving sedation

Sedation Dentistry for Virtually
Painless Dental Treatments

iDENTity Dental Studio recognizes the impact that dental fear and anxiety can have on patients’ ability to seek essential dental care. If you’re hesitant to undergo necessary treatments due to dental anxiety, our sedation dentistry services offer an ideal solution. We are committed to providing a calm and pleasant dental experience, utilizing dental anesthesia services to ensure every patient receives the highest standard of care without fear or discomfort.

Our sedation dentistry approach is personalized to address your specific level of dental fear, allowing us to efficiently combine multiple treatments within a single appointment. By offering dental anesthesia, we guarantee your utmost comfort and assist you in achieving a lifelong, healthy smile. Let us help you conquer your dental fears, enabling you to fully enjoy your dental visits and prioritize your oral health.

dental patient getting ready for sedation
Dr. Stapleton Asks, "Fear Of Dental Work? Fear Not, We Can Put Your Mind At Ease With These Sedation Options!"

Is Sedation Dentistry
Right for Me?

  • Fear of the dentist
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Low pain threshold
  • Dental fear and anxiety
  • Require multiple complex treatments

Your Options
for Total Comfort

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Worry, Stress, and Pain-Free Visits

At iDENTity Dental Studio, we never want anxiety or fear to prevent a necessary dental procedure. There are several health hazards that might emerge when dental treatment is ignored or delayed due to phobia or anxiety. This includes accelerated bone loss, tooth loss, the onset of soft tissue degeneration, and even an increased risk for conditions like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

iDENTity Dental Studio does all within its power to provide state-of-the-art sedation dentistry options that eliminate fear and anxiety, to make dental implant restorations as safe, effective, and pain-free as possible. Don’t let fear stand in the way of achieving a beautiful, life-changing smile – instead, take the first step toward enhancing your dental health today.