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iDENTity Dental Studio provides patients with excellent smile restorations in one of the top-rated dental practices in Lexington, KY. As the only prosthodontist in east/central Kentucky, Dr. Brandon Stapleton provides a comprehensive range of family dental procedures in addition to full mouth restorations with dental implants. He is an award-winning prosthodontist with advanced training in dental implant surgery and full arch restorations.

We work hard to deliver the best dental care so that people across Kentucky and neighboring states can benefit from having excellent oral for the rest of their lives. We are one of the most technologically advanced implant design clinics in the country, and our team of specialists will be pleased to talk with you about both your oral health goals and your present dental financing situation. We work closely with patients one-on-one to ensure they receive necessary, reasonably priced dental care, and we offer financial aid for all our treatments.

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We Accept The Following:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Cards
  • Dental Insurances
  • Third-Party Financing

Financing Your Best Smile

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Cash, Check, Or Credit Card

Cash, checks, and credit cards (all major credit cards are accepted) are gladly accepted at iDENTity Dental Studio for all dental operations and services.


In-House Dental Financing

iDENTity Dental Studio understands the financial considerations of top-level dental care and is committed to working with patients to find affordable dental payment options on a case-by-case basis. We believe that access to crucial oral health care should not be hindered by financial barriers. Our dedicated team is here to discuss flexible and cost-effective solutions to ensure that patients can receive the quality dental care they deserve without undue financial burden.


CareCredit® Dental Financing

For individuals who qualify, CareCredit dental, a reputable third-party lender, provides interest-free dental financing solutions. Whether at our office in Lexington, KY or through the convenience of online access at, patients have the option to apply for CareCredit dental financing. To learn more about the low monthly payment alternatives available through this platform and to obtain additional information about affordable dentistry, please call 1-800-677-0718. At iDENTity Dental Studio, we strive to make quality dental care accessible and affordable for our patients by offering options like CareCredit financing.


Proceed Finance

When it comes to dental implant financing, Proceed Finance is a trusted third-party provider offering unsecured loans of up to $60,000 without the need for collateral. This financing option opens doors for patients to access high-quality dental care, even if they have poor credit. To learn more about the affordable dental implant financing options available through Proceed Finance, visit their website at or call 1-844-272-7587. With Proceed Finance, you can take a step towards restoring your smile and improving your oral health without financial barriers.



Momnt dental Financing offers flexible and accessible financing solutions for a wide range of dental needs. With competitive interest rates and repayment terms, Momnt provides an affordable option to help you manage the cost of dental treatments. Whether you require routine cleanings, orthodontic work, or more extensive procedures, Momnt Dental Financing can help make your dental care more accessible. Take the first step towards achieving optimal oral health by utilizing the convenient financing options provided by Moment Dental Financing. Visit or call 855-943-3485 for more information.